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Welcome to INVISIONVORTEX 1.0.0 ALPHA. Really exciting, isn't it?
  • TGP Lite

  • Thumbnail Gallery Post

    TGP stands for Thumbnail Gallery Post. Wikipedia defines it as "an ad-supported page with thumbnails linking to external pages, usually used for pornographic content".

    That's exactly what you can do with this, but also much more. And this is how it works...

    You upload an image, give it a name and add a link to an external site. This can be any affiliate or partner site, even Amazon or whatever. When the visitor clicks on the thumbnail, this page opens in a new window or browser tab.

    So far so good. Instead of working with external links, you can also write your own articles, like with a normal CMS. As soon as there is NO link assigned to a thumbnail, you will be redirected to an internal page, which you can fill with your own content. There you can use formatted texts, imageuploads and even HTML. Click on the image with the cell phone in this demo, then you'll see what I mean (the other images have Google as a link).

    You can use this system with a little imagination like a normal image gallery. A thumbnail can be used as a preview for the fullsize image on the article page, or as an album cover for other images.

    On this demo page we don't use categories, but the system gives you the possibility to create as many as you want, even subcategories. If this is not enough for you, you can also work with as many instances as you want by simply installing this database several times. Just use a separate gallery for vacation pictures, one for photos of your pets and so on.

    You can control who can see what, use ratings or the normal comment function, create threads automatically and much more.

    Don't be put off by the deliberately simple layout, after all this is a lite version.
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